Andy Kaytes

Andy began volunteering at an AIDS Service Organization in 1996. His past and current work there has included treatment and patient advocacy and facilitating support groups. This led to an interest in HIV research. He joined the Community Advisory Board at the University of California San Diego and the Global Community Advisory Board of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG). He served two terms on the ACTG’s HIV Reservoirs and Viral Eradication Transformative Science Group (Cure TSG). Within the ACTG he also has been the community science representative on three clinical trial protocol teams. Andy is a member of the Drug Development Committee of the AIDS Treatment Activist’s Coalition, a group that meets with pharmaceutical companies, researchers and the FDA advocating for newer and better HIV medications. Andy continues to serve on various working groups and boards having to do with HIV and hepatitis research, treatment and prevention.

Conflict of Interest: Andy has reported having potential financial conflicts of interest within the past 12 months, or anticipated within the coming 12 months, with the following entities: Bristol Myers Squibb