Daniel E Cohen, MD

Daniel E Cohen, MD, is a Group Medical Director in Clinical Development at AbbVie, where his areas of responsibility include viral diseases and cystic fibrosis. Dr. Cohen has extensive experience in clinical drug development for HIV and hepatitis C, and has been involved in the approval of Viekira Pak, Technivie, and Mavyret. Prior to joining Abbott Laboratories in 2008, Dr. Cohen was Associate Medical Research Director at Fenway Community Health in Boston, where he oversaw clinical trials of antiretroviral therapies and candidate HIV preventative vaccines. Dr. Cohen worked on epidemiologic and immunologic studies of acute HIV infection and long-term HIV controllers, and contributed to numerous publications on the immune response to HIV infection. Other areas of expertise include management of sexually transmitted infections and specifically of anogenital HPV infection. As of this writing he is overseeing several COVID-19 clinical research efforts at AbbVie. 

Conflict of Interest: Dr. Cohen is an employee and stockholder of AbbVie.