Jane McKenzie-White, MAS, MSEd

Ms. McKenzie-White is Managing Director and Senior Program Officer of the Center for Clinical Global Health Education.

She has more than 20 years of experience in program leadership, web development, health education, and research. Since joining the CCGHE in 2006, her efforts have focused on distance learning and capacity-building initiatives. Her work has contributed to numerous peer-reviewed publications on leveraging technology to facilitate clinical global health education and optimize healthcare delivery.

An innovator, McKenzie-White was one of the inventors of emocha® (emocha.com), a CCGHE-developed mobile health platform now being used to facilitate research, education and healthcare delivery in more than 11 countries. She continues to design research studies and oversee pilot testing of new emocha® applications, and most recently has been involved in a country-wide effort in South Africa that is using emocha® to link people with multi-drug resistant TB to treatment within 5 days, and to help retain them in the care system.

McKenzie-White is responsible for all CCGHE distance and online education programs. Under the NIH-funded Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI), she has developed and taught numerous courses and training workshops in Uganda and Ethiopia that help those countries develop and implement distance learning platforms of their own that are designed specifically for medical education. She recently participated in a multi-university collaboration led by Johns Hopkins School of Public Health that designed, developed, and implemented a core MOOC curriculum on gender-based violence for global health settings. The course comprises core lessons, and has optional case study components that are tailored to the intervention and response resources available for specific countries. The first course, Confronting Gender-Based Violence: Global Lessons with Case Studies from India, was offered through Coursera and was named a top ten MOOC for September 2015 by MOOC aggregator Class Central.

As CCGHE’s Managing Director, McKenzie-White oversees organizational and financial strategy and directs administration, communications, and information technology operations.

McKenzie-White received an undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Maryland and Masters degrees in both administrative science and science in education from Johns Hopkins University.

Conflict of Interest: Has no real or apparent conflicts of interest to report.