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A major role of LEAP is to provide researchers centralized access to relevant scholarly materials, data, publications, and conference proceedings from ongoing laboratory and clinical research that catalog progress in the field. 

Now Available: Recordings from the 2020 Long-Acting/Extended Release Antiretroviral Research Resource Program Investigator Meeting & Annual Workshop.  These and all prior workshop recordings are listed under "CONFERENCE AND WORKSHOP PROCEEDINGS".

Find technical and non-technical publications, meeting summaries, and relevant links to resources on LA/ER antiretrovirals 

Throughout the year, lectures, conferences and workshops are held to help move the field of LA/ER drugs forward. When possible, summaries, recordings or white papers resulting from these activities will be provided here.

DAIDs provides resources to help support a global research portfolio on HIV/AIDS, its related co-infections, and co-morbidities. Find here targeted resources around LA/ER product development.

Be informed about the latest research and clinical studies being done in long-acting, extended release drugs for HIV and TB.

These resources are focused on efforts to advance the development of drug forumations, e.g. targeted product profiles, collaborations, etc.

These resources are focused on regulatory policy regarding of long-acting antiretrovirals